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peak into the echobox universe

S01E07 – q & a!

echobox is booming, and echo decides to embrace it. she has been getting @s on twitter and emails with tons of questions, and it's time the people know some answers Read more

S01E06 – Congrats Daddy!

hera and zeus tell the world they just had a beautiful baby girl, hebe. they failed to mentioned how zeus' mistress just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, herakles. well, this is why echo is here for Read more

S01E05 – Hades crawled out of his cave

echobox logo season 1 episode 5 hades crawled out of his cave
Zeus' older brother and lawyer for Olympus Records, Hades is not happy with the slander going on on Echobox. Granted, he is not happy about much things. Echobox dives into the tortured past of the older brother who likes to live in the shadows Read more

begin again // i almost do

It was only nine am but Alex's day had been long, tiring and extremely annoying. Read more

S01E04 – Happy birthday, double trouble!

the twins have just turned 23 and Apollo celebrates his birthday by being on every gossip outlet with a breakdown at a party. Echo talks about the boy's tortured past, hints at his sexuality and talks about his sister, Artemis. Read more

S01E03 – A new deal for olympus records

olympian records just made its new deal public: Narcissus, Echo's egomaniacal ex-boyfriend who stole her songs, is the new golden boy. Echobox details not only Narcissus' trajectory, but the entire history Olympus Records has with beautiful young men Read more

S01E02 – Hermes gives me a ring

Echobox has reached many more people than Echo could ever have antecipated. She schedules a zoom call with Hermes, son of Zeus and PR of the Olympus Records. Read more

S01E01 – This is Echo speaking

episode 1 this is echo speaking
Echo has just about had it with the Olympus Records and everyone involved in it. She is about to spill the tea - and being Zeus assistant, she has a lot of it. Read more

S01E00 – Teaser

season 1 episode 0 teaser
Transcription of Echobox's teaser (S01E00) Read more


bus in los angeles
When she met Narcissus, she was certain he was the most beautiful man she had ever seen. Read more